DREAM Assessments

Malvern Hill

The Defence Related Environmental Assessment Method (DREAM) is an environmental method of assessment developed for the Ministry of Defence building projects. Consisting of a series of modules the DREAM assessment is intended to support the Ministry of Defence to hit the Framework for Sustainable Development on the Government Estate targets from a building and construction front on new projects.

Different to BREEAM, the DREAM format was designed to address the unique requirements of Ministry of Defence structures and ensure that new projects are dealing with environmental issues with a positive impact.

The DREAM Assessment will rate each stage of a project from survey, design, construction and operation post building occupancy, with a requirement for new buildings to reach an ‘excellent’ rating using the DREAM Assessment method.

Some types of building types that DREAM covers are:

  • Hangers and Workshops
  • Kitchen and Dining Facilities
  • Commercial Space
  • Living Accommodations

At GreenBuild we have experience delivering all the above building types in line with the DREAM Assessment requirements.

Taf Vale Regeneration, Llys Cadwyn

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