Our People

Talented Personnel

Everyone at GreenBuild Consult is highly motivated, talented and dedicated to delivering tangible results for every client.

Going the extra mile is a very over-used saying, but at GreenBuild Consult we really do work hard to ensure that everything is considered once we have been appointed.” Jon Ridd, MD, GreenBuild Consult

We invest in staff training and development, and we ensure that everyone is always up to date with latest changes to legislation, building regulations and planning guidelines, so that they are always able to provide accurate information and sound advice.

Jonathan Ridd | Chief Executive

jon-ridd-website-1Jonathan is the founder and chief executive of GreenBuild Consult, and remains responsible for the overall development of the company.

He is focused on business development and delivering a high quality and dependable service. Jonathan has extensive practical knowledge gained from over 20 years working in the construction industry. Jonathan has technical competencies including project management, estimating, code for sustainable homes, energy modelling for both residential and commercial buildings, air tightness testing, and is a licensed member of BINDT.

With his extensive knowledge of construction and demonstrable business acumin Jonathan went on to gain an MBA, specialising in sustainable construction.

Jonathan has a proven track record managing a wide range of projects that consistently deliver results for his company’s clients.

Daryl Fisher | Managing Director

daryl-fisher-website-copy-1As managing director, Daryl is responsible for the overall delivery of services offered by the company, its the day-to-day operations and the development of the business.

Daryl is a BREEAM Accredited Professional and a licensed BREEAM Assessor for all public and private sector assessments with extensive experience of all BREEAM schemes; he is currently involved in a diverse range of projects throughout the UK.

With a strong focus on client needs, his experience within the BREEAM sector ensures the sustainability aspects of a project are addressed and achieved smoothly and efficiently, without detracting from the main design and construction disciplines and application.

Daryl is an accredited Energy Assessor for both residential and commercial buildings, and also a qualified IES Dynamic Simulation Modeller with experience in assisting clients using sustainable design and construction techniques.

He is experienced in all aspects of Part L compliance as well as Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments and brings a fresh approach to providing responsive and accurate advice to clients.

Matt Jones | Director

Matt JonesMatt is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Structural Engineer and providing a broad range of engineering experience to the construction sector.

He has significant experience and expertise in the design of complex and integrated sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) and Flood Risk Assessments to satisfy both BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Home Assessments, and for projects that require detailed input at Planning Application stage.

Provision of project management, value engineering and sustainable construction disciplines, together with expertise in use of materials with low carbon footprints, are incorporated and promoted on a daily basis with a positive, customer-focused attitude.

Lisa Williams | Office & Finance Manager

lisa-websiteWith over 15 years’ experience in business administration and finance, Lisa supports the operational team by ensuring the smooth running and day-to-day efficiency of the office.

Lisa is the first point of contact for clients, suppliers and staff and is pivotal in maintaining the high standards of customer service, which underpins Greenbuild Consult’s success.

Lisa is focused on developing the company’s business profile enabling sound financial advice to be given so that clients and fellow colleagues can make calculated business decisions.

In addition Lisa scrutinises the financial practices, ensuring that they are in line with all internal procedures and external regulations. Lisa directs the demands of the organsisation’s quality systems and staff training plans undertaking regular reviews with a clear objective to continuously improving the operations of Greenbuild Consult.

Buwani Kilpatrick |Senior Sustainability Consultant

Buwani is a sustainability consultant with a background in architecture and a passion for environmental design.

Having gained experience within architecture and the environmental consultancy sector, she is uniquely positioned to understand the nuances of energy efficiency within the context of building design throughout all of the RIBA stages.

​Buwani is an Associate Member of the Energy Institute and her expertise in planning support and sustainable design consultancy ranges from new build to refurbishment projects within the commercial, educational, hospitality and residential sectors.

She is also an Accredited Thermal Bridge Assessor, experienced in offering design support for construction details. ​She gained her MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University and studied architecture (Part 1 & 2) at the University of Dundee.

Katie Townley | Senior Sustainability Consultant

katie-website-1Katie is a qualified BREEAM Assessor in UK New Construction and is overall an experienced Sustainability Consultant with a detailed working practice of major construction projects.

She predominantly carries out BREEAM New Construction Assessments on projects across the UK and is currently working towards gaining her BREEAM Accredited Professional qualification. Katie has also gained experience in BREEAM Bespoke projects, CDM and as a Project Manager on residential schemes. With a BSc in Environmental Geoscience she is determined to develop her experience and profession as a Sustainability Consultant.

Christine Searing | Sustainability Consultant

Christine has recently joined GreenBuild Consult as a Senior Consultant.

Christine is a qualified and experienced BREEAM Assessor, and is licenced for all UK public and private sector schemes. As a BREEAM Accredited Professional, she works with design teams to provide advice and guidance to maximise the potential for achieving the desired results. She is also an experienced Code for Sustainable Homes assessor and has worked on a variety of small and large scale developments. Christine is also a qualified CEEQUAL assessor.

Owain Morgan | Sustainability Consultant

owain-website-copy-1Owain is one of our sustainability consultants, who is qualified as a Domestic on Construction Energy Asssessor (DOCEA) and has already gained a significant knowledge in sustainability.

Owain’s goals are to work towards gaining further qualifications in commerical energy assessments and developing his skills, and to broadening his experience as his career at GreenBuild Consult develops.

Steve Williams | Sustainable Testing Engineer

img_0504Steve Williams is a fully trained energy assessor for both domestic and commercial buildings and a qualified registered air pressure tester.

Steve has a degree in Construction Management and is focused on the technical aspects of making buildings more efficient. He can advise clients on the the latest regulations required to achieve improved levels of efficiency for their projects and he is driven by making a difference to, and improving the sustainability of, the built environment.

Tom King | Sustainability Consultant

Having completed a degree in Human Geography at Cardiff University, Tom recently joined the company as a trainee sustainability consultant.

Tom has a passion for sustainability and energy efficiency, and is looking forward to developing his skills so that he can play a positive role in reducing the environmental impact of all types of buildings and to boosting their energy performance. 

Ron Leaf | Health & Safety Consultant

Ron has extensive experience as a CDM Coordinator and as a CDM Consultant on projects ranging in value from £100,000-£120 million on projects throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

He has previous experience in management in the automotive industry and is skilled in project management and working in multi disciplinary teams.

Ron is a Health & Safety professional with good experience of construction safety management and the design risk management process. Ron will ensure that designers focus on significant risks and their elimination / management. He will also ensure that the design team gives sufficient time, resources, commitment  and effort to discharging their duties under the legislation. When working with Clients and Principal Contractors Ron works with them to ensure that they have processes and competent personnel  in place to discharge their duties under health and safety legislation and to keep everyone involved in the project safe.

Rob Williams | Health & Safety Consultant

Rob has extensive practical knowledge gained from over 25 years working in the construction industry. He has a range of technical competencies including project management, design management & coordination, health & safety and environmental management.

With his diverse experience within the construction sectors of the Manufacturing Industry, the Water Industry and Civil Engineering he has a proven track record of managing a wide range of projects consistently delivering results whilst embracing all aspects of the Health Safety and Environmental considerations.

Rob has a positive, customer-focused attitude and leads the delivery of projects from inception to completion. Given the skills knowledge and experience gained over the years Rob provides a valuable role within the company, enabling the provision of a wide range of services relating to health and safety legislation and CDM 2015 to meet our clients’ needs and all aspects of project delivery.