Client: Morganstone/Seren Living

Services: SAP, EPCs, Thermal Bridging Calculations, Air Pressure Testing

Description: 225 Low Energy Dwellings in Tonyrefail


GreenBuild Consult were appointed by Morganstone Construction to provide SAPs, EPCs, Thermal Bridging calculations and general advice around the suitability of construction methods for an innovative new housing scheme in Tonyrefail.


The Employer Requirements detailed strict criteria in relation the energy performance of the dwellings. This was communicated in the form of ‘Enhanced Backstops’, detailing worst allowable U-Values and thermal bridging psi-values significantly beyond the requirements of Approved Document Part L. GreenBuild consult worked with Morganstone to meet the minimum U-Value requirements in a cost-effective manner. This involved exploring several different insulation methods and construction configurations to the ground floor and external walls.


The backstop requirements for thermal bridging psi-values proved to be onerous and a number of design iterations were undertaken to reduce junction heat losses while maintaining buildability and cost effectiveness.

Through the detailed calculations and junction design, enhanced building performance exceeding the client’s construction criteria were achieved and building energy performance well in excess of the current building standards is expected to be reached upon completion.


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