Energy Statements


Most local authorities will expect energy statements to be provided with a planning application, to demonstrate how proposed developments will meet local energy and sustainability policies.

Energy Statements usually demonstrate how the developer will address specific local objectives, typically encompassing:

  • Baseline ‘standard’ case CO2 emissions & energy costs
  • Improvements to fabric efficiency (exceeding building regulaitons standards)
  • Improvements to HVAC & lighting efficiency (exceeding building regulations standards)
  • How the development will meet CO2 reductions with renewable technology
  • Renewable technology feasibility study
  • How the development will meet local energy plans & policies
  • How the development will make use of local power & renewables networks

There may also be other local policies, which are unique to individual county and district councils that will impact on proposed developments.

At Greenbuild Consult we will take time to look at your proposals and requirements, and will consult the relevant planning department to understand the implications of any local policies before a planning application is submitted.

It may be found that an Energy Statement is required as part of a Design and Access statement, or a more in-depth Sustainability Report is needed.


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