5 ways to make your home more energy efficient


The truth is, people want to do their upmost to ensure the amount of energy used within their homes is at a minimum, to not only better their efforts for the environment but to also save some money in the long run. Improving the energy efficiency in your home generally conserves energy and reduces use, resulting in a decrease in energy bills.


Energy efficiency is something everyone can take part in, no matter how small or large a change in the household is, it can still make a difference. There are many cost-effective ways that you can make your home more energy efficient, and the changes that can benefit the home don’t have to be extreme either.


  1. Insulation

During the colder months, if your home is not well insulated, you are likely to have the heating on for lengthy periods of time – potentially costing you more than it should in energy bills. The key is to make sure you have proper insulation, weather stripping and other insulating techniques throughout your home can improve the efficiency and reduce those pesky energy bills. This can be attained through expert help and advice, or smaller projects can be done by yourself.



  1. Change your lightbulbs

This might seem strange, but the type of bulb you are using in your home has an impact on the amount of energy that is being used. Generally, you will find the older the type of light bulb used, the more energy you are using. Consider changing your bulbs to LED rather than compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) or incandescent bulbs. LEDs have improved greatly over the years, providing more light at lower wattages.



  1. Use a smart reader

If you haven’t already been contacted directly for the installation of a smart meter, then you must just be living under a rock. A smart meter is essentially a plug-in device that tells you the amount of energy you are using per day/week/month. By having this device plugged into your home, the concept is, you would naturally monitor your usage and alter the way in which you use energy within your home, such as turning lights switches off and plug sockets to decrease overall usage and as a result, your overall billing amount.



  1. Consider replacing your windows

Single glazed and older windows allow for a lot of heat loss during the colder winter months, ensuring you have good quality and double-glazed windows can prevent the heat loss and again, save on energy bills for heating up your home.



  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are generally the pricier option to energy efficiency but none the less are a great investment long term. These are generally installed on your rooftop and help cut down on your electricity usage by helping you to produce your own electricity via the sun. The efficiency of the solar panels can depend on the module type as well as orientation and inclination, so research it advised.


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Written by Shannon Thurlby | Sales & Marketing Manager