Dynamic Simulation Modelling


Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) is an important part of designing and delivering sustainable buildings.

Creating a 3D simulation model of a building enables a dynamic analysis of the building’s performance, including annual energy use and internal temperatures. This information helps architects and building service engineers to make design decisions that will help achieve an effective sustainable development, both in terms of the environmental impact and cost involved.

The process involves taking designs and building specifications, representing them in a three-dimensional model and running a simulation over a period of time to provide detailed results. DSM calculations run iterations at intervals throughout the year, linking to actual historical weather data and accurate sun path analysis. Used early in the design process, calculations of predicted energy consumption through the modelling of the building’s features can help to make fundamental decisions in improving building design with the potential for reducing both development and operational costs.

At later stages modelling can be used in the testing, fine-tuning and implementation of design features, pushing them to their full potential. As we can use DSM to produce Part L/F (SBEM) compliance documentation we can also provide these additional BREEAM credit services from our original model. This can be a very cost effective solution to ensure building regulation and planning compliance as well as BREEAM targets.

Further reading: CIBSE on DSM

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