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GreenBuild Consult is an accredited energy assessor whose team can provide Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports, which ensure that all public sector organisations comply with the latest government legislation.

It is a legal requirement that all buildings (owned, managed or used by public sector organisations), with an internal floor space greater than 250sq m, are required to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and an Advisory Report (AR) in their possession.

The DEC was introduced to inform the public of energy use and the associated CO2 emissions of public buildings. A rating of the energy performance of a building is ranked from A to G, with ‘A’ being awarded to the most energy efficient buildings and ‘G’ for the least efficient buildings and with the highest CO2 emissions.

DECs should be displayed in prominent locations that are clearly visible to members of the public and should be no smaller than A3 in size. An Advisory Report is also required along with the DEC, which covers recommendations for improvements that could be made to improve the building’s energy performance. Organisations failing to adhere to these requirements could potentially face fines of £1,500 for non-compliance.

In addition to regulatory compliance, organisations may also derive additional benefits through DEC assessments, including:

  • Improving energy efficiency through implementing recommendations
  • The opportunity to monitor energy usage & provide visual displays of good energy performance
  • Provide an impetus to set energy efficiency targets & measurable methods of displaying improvements
  • Potential method of demonstrating ESOS compliance
  • Reducing the organisation’s running costs

The DEC Assessment Process










For more information about DECs and ARs visit the official government website here.

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