Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

sunlight assessment

Daylight and Sunlight assessments are a standard requirement of planning applications. They are used to demonstrate the impact of a development on neighbouring properties and the daylight access within a proposed design, in line with the criteria set within the BRE’s ‘Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight’.

This service offers initial guidance from concept to developed design stage, including full assessments for relevant properties and amenity areas and reports for planning submission.

The analysis typically includes;

  • Façade analysis for daylight and sunlight access
  • Vertical sky component (VSC) analysis for daylight access
  • Average daylight factor (ADF) calculations for internal spaces
  • Annual and winter probable sunlight hour calculations for sunlight access
  • Overshadowing studies for amenity spaces to ensure direct sunlight access as much as possible.

Bespoke studies can be undertaken for specific requirements depending on the local authority and designed building or masterplan. At GreenBuild Consult we review relevant planning requirements of local authorities prior to undertaking our calculations, ensuring that the most appropriate analysis is undertaken for your design.


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